Sound Clips

Below you can hear samples of several pieces Dana and Martha have recorded. To order complete CDs of Dana and Martha’s works, fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page.


Come Follow Me, The Savior Spake

by Michael Hassell | Traveling Tunes

This is played with Dana on clarinet and Martha on piano “straight from the book.” More of Michael’s music can be found at

All Things Bright and Beautiful

by Michael Hassell | Jazz Plain and Simple

This is Martha’s arrangement of Michael’s piano solo, arranged for flute and piano.¬†Martha often re-arranges Mike’s piano solos, with his total blessing.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand

by Michael Hassell | Jazz Spirituals

Martha arranged this for tenor sax and piano from Michael’s piano collection.

My Favorite Year

by Stephen Flaherty | Romance (John Trones)

This piece showcases Dana’s clarinet trio arrangement (and playing) from Dana and Martha’s collaboration with John Trones on his CD Romance, on the Metropolis Music Label (

Arranged for the CD that Dana (clarinet) and Martha recorded with Jeannie Polaczyk.

A¬†favorite everywhere Dana and Martha play it, this is their arrangement from Michael Hassell’s piano solo found in the Jazz Sunday Morning collection, and it is the first such arrangement they did of one of Mike’s pieces. It adds Dana’s alto sax and Glen Boswick’s bass ( to Martha’s piano (here, a Kurzweil electronic keyboard), recorded in a live concert in Virginia.